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International tax reporting (FATCA and CRS)

Clarksons Securities AS is required to provide information to the Norwegian Tax Authorities of customers domiciled or resident for tax purposes in the United States (the Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act “FATCA”) or in any country that has signed international agreements to report tax information (Common Reporting Standard “CRS”) which includes all EU/EEA member states.
When entering into a customer relationship with Clarksons Securities AS, you are required to fill out a customer agreement that include, but is not limited to, information of your tax residence, citizenship, tax Identification Number (TIN) and Personal identification number. This information is necessary for us to identify which of our customers we are under a legal obligation to report.

US citizens will be reported to the United States on the basis of their citizenship. US citizens are therefore resident in the US for tax purposes and will be reported to the US tax authorities accordingly. If, in your opinion, you are not tax resident in the United States or any of the countries that has signed a CRS agreement, you must provide documentation that you are no longer a citizen of that specific country and you should fill out and send us a self-declaration form to that effect. You can find the self-declaration form here.

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Please note that Clarksons Securities AS is only required to report in the event the client holds either cash or securities through Clarksons Securities AS. Clients with prime broker agreements are reported by the prime broker in question and not by Clarksons Securities AS.

All information Clarksons Securities AS receives on our customers for tax reporting purposes, will be treated in compliance with the Privacy Policy set out on our web-page.