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Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”)

CS as a financial advisers shall publish on its websites information about policies on the integration of sustainability risks in their investment advice according to the SFDR. The purpose of this document is to provide information regarding CS’ role as financial advisers to clients clarified for investment advice in their investment decisions.

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No consideration of adverse impacts of investment advice on sustainability factors 

CS does not currently consider adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors in investment advice.

Taken into consideration the size, nature and scale of its activities and the types of financial instruments CS advises on, the amount of relevant information available in order to consider Principal Adverse Impact’s (“PAI”) for investment advice is presumed to be low and/or difficult to obtain. CS’s investment advice typically relates to either shares or bonds and it is as of today difficult to obtain objectively verified reliable data regarding the scope of products/issuer that consider PAIs. Furthermore, CS have not prioritised spending resources on collecting, verifying, and analysing data relevant and necessary for such considerations. As for the types of financial products CS provided investment advice on, it is noted that CS does not provide investment advice in relation to "financial products" as defined in the SFDR.

CS will continuously review its position and monitor upcoming increased sustainability reporting requirements among issuers and any developments in industry and market practice.
Please see for information about integration of sustainability preferences for clients of CS.