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Risks Financial Instruments

The client is personally responsible for the risk and must fully understand the conditions for trading in financial instruments. The client must become acquainted with the general business terms, prospectuses and other relevant information in effect for trading in such instruments and with the instruments’ individual risks and characteristics. The client must also on a continuous basis monitor his/her positions in such instruments. This also applies in the event the client has received personal advice in connection with the investment. Price information of the relevant financial instruments that are traded on regulated markets is daily published through the company’s web page, in newspapers or through other media. The client may also retrieve price information from the clients’ investment firm. 

The client must take any necessary action to avoid the risk of losses on own positions. If required, the client should respond quickly, for example by selling investments developing in a negative way, providing additional security to meet any margin requirements or provide additional collateral to an investment that is debt financed and where the collateral value is reduced. 

It is a condition for all trading in financial instruments that the client fully understands the following: 

  • All trading with financial instruments take place at the clients own risk.
  • The client is required to carefully study Clarksons Securities AS general business terms, and other conditions, laws and regulations
    in addition to relevant information on trading with financial instruments including derivatives before trading commence.
  • The client need to carefully control contract notes immediately by receipt and complain immediately in the event of irregularities. 
  • The client shall regularly monitor any changes in value of own holdings in financial instruments.

The client must take any necessary actions required to avoid the risk of losses of own positions by selling his/her positions or provide additional security if necessary to avoid the risk of losses.

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